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This is the website you can learn about Nikken Mag products. Since 1975 Nikken has been making mag products. So whether you are looking for Nikken MagCreator, Nikken PiMag Water Systems, Nikken Magsteps, Nikken Biaxial Powermag, Nikken Elastomag, Nikken Magstrides, or Nikken Magnetic Products. Your in the right place.

Nikken Magsteps Insoles

Nikken Magstep

Magsteps are the absolute best insoles on the market today! Featuring Nikken exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology and durable, reinforced construction, they are designed with strategically shaped and placed nodules to provide your entire body with the benefits of an energizing foot massage. And Nikken EQL makes these the only insoles that provide perfectly consistent, 100% magnetic coverage on the entire surface. These advanced insoles are worn by millions of people the world over. They are exclusively constructed with two layers of specially engineered reinforcing mesh embedded on the inside layer, plus a resilient, flexible, wear-resistant outer coating. Magsteps come in three trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women.

Small Sizes 5-9 #2020 $60

Medium Sizes 7-12 #2021 $60

Large Sizes 13-18 #2022  $70

Nikken Magstride Insoles

Nikken Magstrides

Incorporating the same exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology as Magsteps, the development of Magstrides opens up a whole new world to active people everywhere. Featuring soft, resilient, high-density foam for superior shock absorption, these insoles are perfect for more intensive activities, such as running, golf and other sports. Magstrides boast unsurpassed comfort and durability, through their rugged, ventilated, triple-layer construction. EQL Magnetic Technology provides 100% magnetic coverage. And now Magstrides add Nikken Far-Infrared Technology — the natural, breathable warmth from far-infrared energy. Magstrides are odor-resistant and are available in three trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women.

Small Sizes 5-9 #2024  $60

Medium Sizes 7-12 #2025  $60

Large Sizes 13-18 #2026  $70

Nikken Biaxial PowerMag


Nikken Biaxial PowerMag


Energized from head to toe.

Nikken scientists achieved a breakthrough by reimagining the laws of the universe. They asked: What if a magnet, instead of a positive and negative pole, could act as if it had multiple poles, in every direction?

That was the beginning of Magnetic Biaxial Rotation. It’s literally revolutionary, using a patented rotation effect to produce a magnetic field that is dynamic rather than stationary. Nikken combined this with a soothing massage to help increase circulation, stimulate and help you relax. Try the Biaxial Body Energizer™ and the PowerMag™ — you’ll feel it!

Biaxial PowerMag only #2315 $249
Biaxial PowerMag + Adapter #23151 $274

Nikken Elastomag Wraps

Contoured Elastomag® Wraps combine Far-Infrared technology for warming, with a revolutionary, soft flexible material that provides 100% magnetic coverage over the entire area.

Elastomag wraps come in various sizes and are made for specific area such as wrist, elbow, back, etc.

Each size and style has its own price and item number

Nikken PiMag Water Systems

Drink from the water of life.

Nearly half of consumers surveyed say they avoid drinking tap water. Everyone wants water that tastes better, and is good for them. Nikken PiMag™ water is both.

PiMag Water Technology features several levels of filtration to reduce contaminants the natural way, without adding chemicals. PiMag water tastes better than the commercially bottled variety — and costs a fraction of the price.

PiMag water also offers more. Decades ago, scientists discovered that the water in a remote area of Japan produced amazing results on the surrounding plants. They named it pi water. Nikken has succeeded in replicating the environment that created pi water in nature, and these discoveries are incorporated in PiMag products. You will taste and feel the difference!

Nikken offers a variety of ways to make PiMag water everything from a flip top bottle, under the counter systems, counter top systems and even a deluxe unit that sits on a water cooler.

Nikken MagCreator

Nikken Magcreator
Nikken Magcreator

The foundation of the Nikken Rollout, the MagCreator has specially engineered components that add increased stimulation to its fluid rolling action. The MagCreator features Nikken magnetic technology, superior stainless steel construction, a balanced bearing housing and comfortable handgrips.

#1330 $190

Nikken Magnetic Products

Nikken is the leader in magnetic products.

Since 1975 Nikken has been the cutting edge developer and creator of magnetic technologies and has over the years evolved into the Worlds Total Wellness Company. Nikken offers over 200 products in its line up including Nutrition & Weight Management products, Sleep Systems endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, Fitness and Environment Products.

Nikken Mag, Nikken MagCreator, Nikken Magsteps, Nikken Magstrides, Nikken Magnetics, and Nikken PiMag Water Systems are distributed Exclusively by Nikken Independent Distributors.

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